highlight of the week

Highlight of the Week

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) has published an expert roundtable report examining the relationship between coffee, mood and emotion, featuring input from independent European researchers. The report is accompanied by a new animated video that asks whether mood and emotion can be influenced by food and beverage intake.


Roel Vaessen, Secretary General of ISIC, comments on IARC's review of coffee, which found no clear association between coffee intake and cancer at any body site. IARC also stated that in some cases, there is evidence that coffee drinking may actually help reduce occurrence of certain cancers.

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What exactly happens to the brain when we sense coffee? ISIC explores the sensory experience of coffee and its physiological impact in this vodcast with Professor Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist and Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory based at the University of Oxford, and Charlene De Buysere, a world champion barista.

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